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Association / Organisation Rugby Australia, Wheelchair Rugby


Get involved in rugby! 

Rugby is a global game for all ages, genders, sizes and backgrounds with many varying formats for all Australians to enjoy. From non-contact sevens, fifteen-a-side to elite and social competition, getting involved in rugby delivers significant social and health benefits. 

Being a team sport, rugby is a great social activity and is beneficial physically and mentally. Aside from playing, there are plenty of opportunities to be involved in rugby, from volunteering for professional sides, administrative roles in local clubs, officiating, coaching and many more. 

Wheelchair rugby 

Wheelchair rugby is an intense, physical team sport for male and female competitors. Combining elements of basketball, gridiron and ice hockey, wheelchair rugby is played on a basketball-sized court and teams are formed by four players and up to eight substitutes. 

A volleyball is used and it can be carried, dribbled, or passed in any way except by kicking. The ball must be bounced at least once every 10 seconds. Competitors score goals by carrying the ball over the opponent’s goal line. 

Rugby 1st: working with veterans and their families 

Partnering with VSA, the team at Rugby 1st are encouraging veterans and families to join the vibrant community of Australian rugby clubs.  

The Rugby 1st ‘Veteran Friendly Club’ program has clubs from up and down the east coast of Australia signed on to welcome veterans and their families into their communities. The underpinning principles of the program are: culture, capability, community and compassion. Participating clubs have appointed Veteran Liaison Officers and are promoting initiatives such as free entry for veterans on game day and other ways of getting veterans intimately involved in club-life.  

Through the ‘Veteran Friendly Club’ program, there are lots of opportunities to get involved in all facets of the sport, ranging from playing and coaching to administration and support.  

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