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Lawn bowls seems like a simple sport, two teams rolling balls with the goal to have their bowl closest to a smaller ball called a “jack”. However, with the use of slightly asymmetrical balls this sport has another layer of difficulty and strategy different to other sports.

Lawn bowls is mainly played outdoors on grass or artificial surfaces know as a ‘green’ which can be flat (“flat-green bowls”) or convex or uneven (“crown green bowls”). It can also be played inside, making this sport accessible right across Australia.

Due to the nature of the game, this sport is a gentle cardio exercise with limited movement required, allowing it to be played by individuals of all ages and abilities.

There are several different formats in which lawn bowls can be played – each designed to cater to the needs of differing audiences. Finding the right version of the game to suit your needs is all you need to do to enjoy the sport of bowls.

Traditional bowls (pennant) is available in all states and is played on a seasonal basis. For those who are time-poor, there are several versions of social bowls that are a much shorter and sharper version of the game.

As well as professional or social play, there are many other opportunities in lawn bowling including coaching, officiating, grounds keeping, club members, and volunteering.

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