Experience Level Beginner to expert
Association / Organisation NSW Biathlon/ ACT Biathlon


Get involved in biathlon! 

Biathlon is a winter sport that combines the thrill of cross-country skiing (skate discipline) with the skill of rifle shooting. The skiing takes place around a set course and the shooting happens at a rifle range within that course. Competitors aim to shoot five targets on the range. Each miss is recorded and results in skiing a penalty loop or incurring a time penalty.  

There are lots of ways to get involved in biathlon. There’s everything from social participation through to elite competition, along with coaching, volunteering and much more.  

Biathlon is a great sport for beginners who can start on a prone shooting position with larger targets and more stability. You can then progress to a standing position and smaller targets. This means that people of all abilities can start and progress within the sport, finding the right level of challenge along the way.  

Biathlon is also a Winter Olympic sport! 

In addition to 0.22 biathlon, laser biathlon is also available, which eliminates the need for a firearms license and means that family members under 12 can participate making this a truly family activity.  

Biathlon East Australia: working with veterans and their families 

Partnering with VSA, Biathlon East Australia are putting on ‘Come N Try’ sessions for ‘Masters’ and their children from the veteran community.  

Biathlon East Australia was set up by Biathlon NSW, ACT Biathlon and QLD Biathlon. There are opportunities for veterans and their families to get involved in biathlon as both a participants and coaches. 

Equipment Required/Supplied

Roller-skis, lasers and .22 rifles are available through NSW Biathlon/ ACT Biathlon